weak L¹-convergence

Let , a sequence converges weakly to if

As usual the convergence is denoted by $u_n \rightharpoonup u$ in $L^1(\Omega)$.

Definition (equiintegrability). For a family of integrable functions is equiintegrable if the following two conditions hold

  1. The set is tight, i.e. for any there exists a measurable set with

    This condition is trivially true if .
  2. For any there exists such that for every measurable set with

Lemma (Equivalent characterisation of equiintegrability). Let , then is a family of equiintegrable functions if and only if

  1. the family is tight and
  2. there exists an increasing superlinear function such that

Theorem (Dunford-Pettis). A sequence converges weakly in if and only if

  1. the sequence is is equibounded in :

  2. and the sequence is equiintegrable.

Lemma (weak lower semicontinuity of convex functions). If is convex and



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