I work on the qualitative description of the dynamic behavior of complex systems. This combines methods of partial differential equations and stochastic analysis, but also numerical analysis.

The questions arising in this context are related to statistical mechanics, Markov processes, machine learning, and variation methods. The equations under consideration usually have a physical or engineering background, such as a mathematical battery model, droplet formation in chemical-physical reaction kinetics or consensus formation among interacting agents. At the interface to stochastic analysis I am interested in particle systems and their many-particle limits mostly motivated from statistical physics with particular attention to models that can show phase transitions. Under the stochastic influence of the particle model, metastable behavior usually occurs in such models.


  • Metastability in molecular dynamics and statistical mechanics
  • phase-transitions, nucleation and coarsening
  • variational methods for evolution equations
    • entropy method for the longtime behaviour (functional inequality: spectral gap and log-Sobolev)
    • gradient flows and their limits (variational convergence, structural properties, behavior of synthetic curvature and geodesic convexity)
    • quantifications of approximation errors (numerical schemes)
    • dimension reduction of multi-scale dynamics (physical and chemical systems, machine learning training)
    • discrete and nonlocal dynamics (on graphs and data-sets)
    • convergence rate analysis of numerical schemes


Preprints submitted

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  7. Martin Burger, Franca Hoffmann, Daniel Matthes, Matthias Erbar, André Schlichting. Covariance-modulated optimal transport and gradient flows. [ arXiv | pdf ]

Peer reviewed

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