Preprint: Variational convergence of exchange-driven stochastic particle systems in the thermodynamic limit

Together with Chun Yin Lam we consider the thermodynamic limit of mean-field stochastic particle systems on a complete graph. The evolution of occupation number at each vertex is driven by particle exchange with its rate depending on the population of the starting vertex and the destination vertex, including zero-range and misanthrope process. We show that under a detailed balance condition and suitable growth assumptions on the exchange rate, the evolution equation of the law of the particle density can be seen as a generalised gradient flow equation related to the large deviation rate functional.
We show the variational convergence of the gradient structures based on the energy dissipation principle, which coincides with the large deviation rate function of the finite system. The convergence of the system in this variational sense is established based on compactness of the density and flux and Γ-lower-semicontinuity of the energy dissipation functional along solutions to the continuity equation. The driving free energy Γ-converges in the thermodynamic limit, after taking possible condensation phenomena into account.
The preprint is on arXiv:2401.06696.

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