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Preprint: Graph-to-local limit for the nonlocal interaction equation

Together with Antonio Esposito and Georg Heinze, we study a class of nonlocal partial differential equations presenting a tensor-mobility, in space, obtained asymptotically from nonlocal dynamics on localising infinite graphs. Our strategy relies on the variational structure of both equations, being a Riemannian and Finslerian gradient flow, respectively.… Read the rest

Preprint: Variational convergence of the Scharfetter-Gummel scheme

Together with Anastasiia Hraivoronska and Oliver Tse, we explore the convergence of the Scharfetter-Gummel scheme for the aggregation-diffusion equation using a variational approach. Our investigation involves obtaining a novel gradient structure for the finite volume scheme that works consistently for any nonnegative diffusion constant, which allows us to study the discrete-to-continuum and zero-diffusion limits simultaneously.… Read the rest

Published: Error estimates for a finite volume scheme for advection-diffusion equations with rough coefficients

The paper with Víctor Navarro-Fernández on Error estimates for a finite volume scheme for advection-diffusion equations with rough coefficients got published at ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis (M2AN). In the revision (also on arXiv:2201.10411), we arrived at uniform errors estimate in the diffusion constant also in the limit of vanishing diffusion.… Read the rest

Preprint: Covariance-modulated optimal transport and gradient flows

Together with Martin Burger, Franca Hoffmann, Daniel Matthes and Matthias Erbar, we investigate a new dynamical optimal transport distance in which the energy to be minimised is modulated by the covariance matrix of the distribution. Such transport metrics arise naturally in mean-field limits of certain ensemble Kalman methods for solving inverse problems.… Read the rest

Registration open and call for contributions at workshop on model structures for non-equilibrium systems, April 2023

We open the call to register and contribute talks/posters at the workshop

“In search of model structures for non-equilibrium systems”,

which will take place at the University of Münster, April 2023 – 28. April 2023.

Please register using the link (the deadline for participation is March 27):

Pressure as Lagrange multiplicator in Stokes and Euler equation

[stextbox id=”Theorem” caption=”Navier-Stokes equation in \(d=2,3\)”]
\[ \begin{aligned}
u &: [0,\infty) \times \Omega \to \R^d &\text{velocity (unknown)} & \text{ length / time } \\
p &: [0,\infty) \times \Omega \to \R^d &\text{pressure (unknown)} & \text{ force / area } \\
f &: [0,\infty) \times \Omega \to \R^d &\text{external volume force (data)} & \text{ force / volume } \\
\varrho &\in [0,\infty) &\text{mass density (data)} & \text{ mass / volume } \\
\mu&\in (0,\infty) &\text{dynamic viscosity (data)} & \text{ pressure \(\cdot\) time }
\varrho \left( \partial_t u + u \cdot \nabla u \right) – \mu \Delta u + \nabla p &= f &&\text{in \((0,\infty)\times \Omega\)},\\
\nabla \cdot u &= 0 &&\text{in \((0,\infty)\times \Omega\)},\\
u &= 0 &&\text{on \((0,\infty)\times \partial \Omega\)}
and initial conditions \(u(t=0,\cdot)=u_0(\cdot)\).… Read the rest