Published: On a class of nonlocal continuity equations on graphs:

The article with Antonio Esposito and Francesco Saverio Patacchini on a class of nonlocal continuity equations on graphs got published in the European Journal of Applied Mathematics. This is a follow-up work on our previous work also with Dejan Slepcev, where we introduced evolutions on graphs based on Upwind interpolation. In this work, we look at more general interpolation functions and provide a well-posedness theory based on a fixed point argument.


Motivated by applications in data science, we study partial differential equations on graphs. By a classical fixed-point argument, we show existence and uniqueness of solutions to a class of nonlocal continuity equations on graphs. We consider general interpolation functions, which give rise to a variety of different dynamics, for example, the nonlocal interaction dynamics coming from a solution-dependent velocity field. Our analysis reveals structural differences with the more standard Euclidean space, as some analogous properties rely on the interpolation chosen.

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